What is CABIN?

The Central Appalachian Brownfields Innovation Network (CABIN) provides education on the benefits of the sustainable redevelopment of brownfields and formerly mined lands. CABIN works with stakeholders across Appalachia through face-to-face and a virtual platform for peer exchange of best practices and tools by facilitating redevelopment experience-sharing between brownfield-impacted communities in Central Appalachia. CABIN matches redevelopment leaders and stakeholders from across the region with communities facing similar opportunities and challenges, allowing communities to learn from the best practices and experiences of their peers.

CABIN uses three major components for redevelopment capacity building in Appalachia:

  • Redevelopment Expert Exchange

    The Redevelopment Expert Exchange, or RE2, facilitates redevelopment experience sharing between communities
    by matching redevelopment leaders from across the region.

  • The Front Porch

    The Front Porch is an online platform that allows communities to reach a broad population of peers, agencies, and service providers within the Central Appalachian Region.

  • Campfire

    Through Campfire Learning, CABIN regularly facilitates broad educational opportunities to reach a wider audience by using more traditional training and educational approaches.